Dear Reader,

I cannot believe my very eyes when I came across this sentence pasted on these front page that Mr. PM has made known the election date. All along I was thinking that Mr. PM knew well the procedures when it comes to election matters including announcing the dates. I don't believe the PM's excuse is valid, all I could see is a man bloated by pressure from all sides and trying to convince people about the times and seasons.

Mr. PM should understand that the protocals stands and why in the world did he had to go this far and make the date known. Can the PM give another blander to convince me? I'm waiting Mr. PM, even if it takes a thousand years. I'm no Political Analyst nor interested in Politics yet what i see you through Mr. Prime Minister summarise in the words of Daniel the prohet in the Holy Bible and I quote; " Thou art weighed in the balaces, and thou art found wanting'.( Daniel 5:27).