The high court decision ordering the former MP Mr Siriako Usa is a landmark decision that set the direction for voters to follow. And has now happen to the former MP Mr. Peter Boyers.

One thing that MP's must know is that RCDF is public money. Therefore, it is subjected to be audited by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG). Why there is no audit only OAG can answer why? The timing of these audit reports are important and there is no other better time than now.

However, whatever the reason for non performance of these responsible institutions. Public scrutiny must prevail.

I reckon someone should take up a court case seeking the court order for all MP's to disclose and provide all the records of the use of RCDF to the responsible Ministry and OAG.

An independent audit opinion from OAG is a must. This should help the voters decide who to vote in the coming election.

This is the same as providing audited financial statements to the directors of a company for decision making.

Do the same for RDCF for voters decisions who to vote.