Prostitution is an old profession but it is sad to learn that our under age girls and even younger as primary school girls are engaging into this immoral act.

It is heart breaking that these children are selling their bodies to earn money for their living. Obviously it is a consequence of poverty and children being sexually or physically abused at home.

We should have sympathy for children who have been enslaving into prostitution. It was happen in the previous years with our children being forced to use by Asian loggers and now it happens again. I think its time for the state to hold all agencies responsible like pimps, service users, sex workers and those who benefits from this business.

These children need to identify their identity to investigate their protection and safety at home before referring to other responsible authorities for help.

I hope our social welfare agencies have aid scheme to rescue the miserable lives of these poor children from adults' exploitation. Provide counseling that would rehabilitate them from the misery they have undergoes. Make sure that their right to formal education is not denied. Provide them school fees and clothes as most of them might be helpless orphans or being brought up in an unemployed single parent homes.

Lusts after drug and alcohol are one major factor leading these under age girls to involve in prostitution in order to sustain their satisfaction. How can we address this problem?

According to the UNICEF regional report in 2008 average number of children being sexually abused in Solomon Islands per month is 3 and 4 for the physically abused ones. This indicates that a lot of our children are not safe and protected from being bullied and exploited by some reckless and inconsiderate adults.
These figures imply that a high number of our children are more likely to ruin their future on prostitution, drug, and alcohol since no safety and protection at home to ensure their rights to development.

Today we are living in an age of increasing and craving demand for child prostitution, we should closely monitor our children as it is no doubt that a poverty stricken country like ours could be the worse victim of it if the state remains idle on this problem.