Dear Dr. Malefoasi:

This message is of grave importance, and concerns the toxic properties and
medical effects of aspartame, the commonly used artificial sweetener made in China, USA, and in Japan. It metabolizes as methanol and formaldehyde, and yet is found in thousands of diet products and drinks and sugarless gum all over the world.

It must be taken off the market at once in the Solomon Islands and the manufacturers sued in national and international courts for damages, in suits comparable to those in the USA against Cigarette Manufacturers which resulted in judgements of $235 Billion. Like the Tobacco companies, the Aspartame manufacturers will tell you that their product is safe, harmless, has been tested many times. They are lying, and we can prove it in court. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Stephen Fox,
Managing Editor, Santa Fe Sun News
Founder, New Millennium Fine Art
Author of New Mexico and Hawaii Legislation Asking for Ban of