We, you, us, the uncles, brothers or whoever you claimed to be relatives or wantoks need to find out why girls tend to find themselves in a prostitution ring. Isn't you the uncle, father, brother who claimed that she is your sister, niece, cousin sister, daughter, wantok, you name other types of relations and the list goes on ..., but stops short of supporting her, attend to her needs, solve her problem, be with her as a tendered member of your family and not as commodity for fathers, boys, uncles and relatives who you claimed to be, who are most often benefiting from unattended problems associated with girls.

Hello....! WAKE UP lazy crocks. We, men of our Solomon Islands society need to be grown up and be responsible for our own family and the integrity of our societal values. If we think, we can reserve our other hand for our wives and girl friends and pull the trigger on the other to hunt down a second for our selfish desire, do you think the same species as you with the same desire to will not behave the same way as you. Dead wrong my fellow wantok! We need to stop pointing figures at other female hunting predators and ask ourselves, do you have sisters etc...., if so, do we have the same opportunity and share the same burden within our own family. If that is not the case, stop waiting for pigs and shell-money and grow more brains and be a real man in a society you were born to master since birth. Foreign aliens are strangers to our way of life. Of course, they have the money, BUT in wisdom and responsibility come our being, which defines how we want to live, and we did live that way for thousands of years.

If that fails, then you and I have to adapt to the changes the way we view life. An example of such change is an increasing number of prostitution in our country. You and I cannot solve that problem, unless we legalize it under healthy provisions and constitutions improving status of recognized doers that must meet traditional and local values (not alien system). If you and I cannot be responsible, then this is the only way to keep our minds healthy and let us progress in advancement from our (men and boys) ancient views cannot bind by. Forget about our constitutions, they are there to shape and guide us in our society, but they cannot do us help to change our life. We can change or reform a constitution every for years as that is a legitimate mandate for every government of the day, but restoring and reforming someone's broken soul due to prostitution and related hardship (whether this is within family negligence or due to a self-act prostitution) needs more than four years. A constitution does not have attributes but a living being does. I bet you, Solomon Islands won't escape from problems raised due to prostitution in our country. If we need to tackle the problem, constitutionally, traditionally, you and I all have to make as comfortable as possible from the very beginning.

Long live Solomon Islands.