I wish to thank the editor to put my view in the letters to the editor's page.

The victory of Hekari recently against the mighty Waitakere of New Zealand is not a creamy ice-cream that one could easily swallowed or take for granted. It is rather beyond just thinking about the round object that tossed everywhere on the field of play during a particular game. One might think that we have our skillful players of about six and the rest are PNGs in every lineups, the same players are also in our National team in the recent competitions. I assume you take sometimes and ask Waita, Maemae, Omokirio, Waroi, Mele and others. What, why, and How were they managed? they should have some good feedbacks. We are better of than any Melanesian brother in terms of tallented and skilfull soccer, be it futsal, beach or even the 11 aside. our players got all...all the skills even to the advantage of our Lawson Tama stadium. Not Fiji, not PNG, nor Vanuatu. Still we cannot make it to what the Hekari did last week. You know what, there was a HUGE shock in New Zealend. They asked themselves, AH? What? this unknown Nation in Soccer stole the glory. We really need to search and seek for ourselves what is wrong. I put here areas in which you can think ans see what is wrong;

1. Selection of players.
2. The back up management
3. Team Management
4. Financial Backings/supports
5. Training/Preparations
6. SIFF supports
7. Discipline

1. selection of players- please get rid of uncle, son, nephew, religion, island, know parents well, money, injured but its okey, put him on the list. No training regularly but okey nomoa..

2. Management- Rally for own benefits(not the team or nation), mis- managed funs for players. Big money but give them only this much when traveling- where is the whole budget?- Put it for sideline programs,shopping for family. I only work if me na Manager blo team.

3. Team Manager- Do you really know your roles? or just talking like- "next time boys, come on". How do you manage to go along when there is strength, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats (SWOT Annalysis).

4.Financial- we know, we are representing the country may be December next year. We wait unti october, November we start fundraise, bargain on business houses. They got their own timing for such. Is there enough with the team when traveling, or we ask for kaoni when we run out financially in USA. Are the players have enough financial backups, daily allowances? Yes, they have but give them only USD10 while they should have USD50.

5. Training/ Preparations - call the players and team together on time. Triming process should have done by January. final 18 or 20 go to camp at least 5 months on breakfalls. Replacement of players on time not on traveling week or day or come behind.

6. SIFF supports - As a mother body, how do you assist our national clubs rep outside. Need upright, firsthand informations, and well on time. You only do better for your clubs and less for other clubs. It is better for all SIFF Officers, to stay neutral from being part of the clubs. You should be a father to all in soccer.

8. Discipline- finally, the most important part. Players you are a comprtitive ambassodors not a VIP or a tourist. You are out on a specific mission doing specific task for a specific timeframe onbahlf of a specific nation. Don't you know that your win or loss did affect your background?(families,supporters, club, SIFF, HFA, Government and the people). Discipline begins at home(married players see that your wives and chn relationship is ok), not married players, see that your relationship with the community, neighbours and relatives are ok, coaches and team managers see that the club is not owing church in any sense. Alcoholic players should not be selected. Stay upright for the mission. See our boys who have helped Hekari, they showed commitments and displayed an excellent discipline in the team. I must thank and also congratulate Mr/Mrs Nato for putting all efforts to be in the world club Championship. How you managed the team and sacrificed even your resources to put the pacific up there on the world's table of soccer at club level.

Solomon Club Championship is one or two weeks away. I believe very much that all clubs and provincial reps are now tunning up. Let us now begin another chapter and who will be the next rep for SI, in the next regional championship? Its time to re-think, re- direct and change our usual mindset of doing soccer.

Hope and pray that SI will be the next rep for oceania in the next elimination.

God Bless Solomon soccer...for we all love.