Electrol Acts and The Courts - Former MPs' cases

Thank you editor for allowing me space to voice out my immediate concern pertaining the above - Electrol Acts and The Courts - Former MPs' cases.

For a start, I have to be crystal clear to your good readers and the public that views expressed here are my own, reflecting my total ignorance (no knowledge/little) of the above mentioned as I'm just a rural farmer from the village. Therefore, I beg my pardon for such.

However, though my ignorance and no knowledge of the due processes, I'm privellege for the freedom we have under our supreme laws to express my concerns without fear or favour.

On the 4th May, 2010 (7:00pm), I was listening to my favourite SIBC radio's national news program as usual, and just couldn't believe what was heard. Two former MPs in the recently dissolved parliament were either ordered to produce documents in court on how the controvesial RCDF, Millenium, Livelihoods and other funds were publicly expended or a served arrest warrant withdrawn to one for alleged missuse of public funds or official corruption while in office. What interests me regarding these news items is the fact the allegations were brought up to the courts by rural constituents because they think their MPs might have misshandled the trust they thought to have given them. Pardon me, I was born to believe that MPs are untouchable - at times my little brain even think of them as belonging to the alien clans of outer celestial bodies.

These two recent examples in addition to the case against former heavy weight, formerMP for Savo - Russels and campaign manager for PAP should lead the way for more to come from ordinary people. I just call upon other constituents around Solomon Islands that should you have allegations against your former MP, please quickly file a case for the courts to decide. We should all make use of this avenue while parliament stand adjourned to avoid the old rhethorics from occuring again, like a cyclic phenomenon. Only nature (water, rocks, elements, others) is believed to be cyclic because of natural laws that govern them, my old teacher once said at a primary school I was fortunate to attend.

If ever a public research is carried out now as to what topic people discuss daily, I believe the up-coming General Elections would not have done that badly in the score sheets. This leads me to ask clarification from the office that is responsible for conducting this process - the Electrol Commision. Three mentioned examples above showed some loop-holes in the concerned process (stand corrected). It is public knowledge in these constituencies, Gela, Savo-Russels and North Guadalcanal that these three men would once again seek re-election. For Gela and North Guadalcanal constituencies especially, what does the Law says here? In the event that these two alleged former MPs are elected once again come election day, and the court is yet to conduct a trial, would what happened in the Savo-Russels constituency reoccuring if they both lose their case? If it so happen, then what a great public loss again in terms of resources, monetary and others.

As a registered voter of Gela constituency, the pending court case against our former MP is of great concern to me. Though our laws doesn't say someone is guilty unless proven by the courts (British Law) unlike the French Law where someone is guilty until the court proves s/he is innocent, this phenomenon has created a scenario where by if we want our former MP to represent us again, it would be difficult to make a choice knowing very well that he has a court case pending. I know the courts are independents, however in such instance as ours, even the courts have done us injustice, to say the least. For instance, this case had been brought to the courts attention in 2007 and the election is just around the corner, the trial date is set for Oct. 11 - 29. This had indeed put me in an akward situation as a village man. However, I have also want to acknowledge the courts for bringing these mentioned cases to trial and prosecution. I appreciate you had a lot of outstanding cases to deal with inspite of limitted resources sometimes at your dissposal.

Lastly, to the constiuents of Gela, North Guadalcanal and Savo-Russels who have shown great courage to take our former MPs to court, you have been my hero. I salute you for having instilled in me what a courageous constituents should do in instances where the courts need to make some rulings regarding the behaviours of our leaders. You have really change my perspective as to what an MP is since childhood. Come election day, I hope to vote for a change for the betterment of my beloved constituency, province, Solomon Islands, the region and the world. I also share my view to other constituents around Solomon Islands.

God Bless Solomon Islands from shore to shore.

Kirisadudu Kito