Dear Editor,

Interesting again that we have observed and monitored the sequele to the chain of events that occurred in the last few days of the 'highest house' which is yet one to believe. It started of with 'the need to increase parliamentarians salaries', the excuse in which was quite lame for the ordinary mind. Lame because is it not that leaders should be pivotal and role-models to good financial management rather than dishing out money left,right and centre....and then asking for more?! I put my hat out to those leaders who have done their best to do the former. Is it better to teach men how to fish rather than 'buy' fish all the time? It has to start somewhere or we will never change. Then came the bill that was supposedly to save future governments from political instability but was sadly unsuccessful because of a few badly motivated, selfish leaders who think they have the power game in their blood, only that it seems was mere pride and to which our nation's political history will do down as the worst of its kind of self-serving leaders. They are more callous at heart. Furthermore, the unruly disbursements of $SBD10m towards RCDF projects that may never come to fruition in some constituencies, was seen as 'timely' and 'legal' by our leaders. Where is this 'deception' coming from, whereby our leaders(some if not all) are turning a blind eye to, as they become more insatiable. It's truly another form of 'korsakoff syndrome' developing where money talks!. It has been a great showdown and I will support TSI and others to challenge this matter. Voters think long and hard.