Mr. Fairfax has a valid point. One thing to look at is the fact that the captive dolphins now held by those that intend to make great profits must have at least 30 lbs. of fish per day to survive the extra related stress of captivity. This fish must be frozen in quantities to feed the captive dolphins daily. 10 dolphins held against their will by these profiteers will need 300 lbs of fish DAILY. This is valuable fish taken from the citizens of the country.

It is time for the govt. of the Solomons to take care of the citizens, not the pocketbooks of a select few who destroy the lives of free dolphins. When will the government realize that the short term gain from exporting dolphins is just that short term. The customer base for this disgusting trade is shrinking quickly.
Remember , wild dolphins travel into the open seas, and forage the fish they need, with no waste. This is one answer to think about for local fish shortage.

Mark Berman