Honiara is certainly one of the dirtiest cities in the Pacific. The issue of keeping Honiara has been advanced by the City Council since time immemorial. There have been times when Honiara was cleaned by youth groups just like this campaign but they all come to the same result. The issue of contention here is Honiara City Council's capacity to keep the city clean. It does not seem, to have the will and the finance to do that. The City Mayor recently rightly or wrongly pointed the error on the Honiara citizens for not paying what legally belongs to the council but whose fault is it? Is it the fault of the citizen or the Council?

Lest we forget, Solomon Islands have never used rubbish bins before, we always discard our rubbish either on our seashores or selected places surrounding the villages. Bottles, plastics and all the non-biodegradable wastes are never part of our life. This is where we must start. We must start to inform our children that we can no longer through rubbish indiscriminately, We must teach our children to separate wastes that can rot, burn and cannot either burn or rot and put them in appropriate places.

Whilst I appreciate the HCCs efforts, I believe the Honiara City Citizens must take pride of our cities and do whatever we can to keep it clean.

The City Council on the other hand must make sure it does its part. It must activate its laws. The Honiara City Council Police must be expanded and its capacity built. Rubbish collection must be sustained. Honiara Beautification Committee must hold demonstration courses or projects in our Schools. These are few simple things we can do together. Note Money is not all to cleanliness. We can only Keep Honiara clean if we have clean heart. And clean heart is the product of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.