Dear Editor

I am following with interest the events in the Solomons regarding Dr. Sikua's sacking of five MP's

I would like to know why he sacked those ministers and I would like it from the horses mouth. I would like to know exactly what he stands for.

The only information I have gleaned this evening is from Richard Maye of Australia who is more informed than I when he stated that "It is a very robust bill that would provide political stability and one that is sorely needed to provide confidence to international investors." That statement is a bit of a worry!!!

Most International investors are the most predatory bunch of vultures that ever existed!!Such predators wouldn't give a stuff about the Solomons only how much profit they can extract from the country.

The mantra known as 'Free Trade' will be a problem and if your future politicians buy into this then the equity (ownership) of most of the arible land will be in the hands of multinational corporations if it isn't already!!

But don't just take my word for this please google 'Kicking Away the Ladder' by Ha Joon Chang of Cambridge University UK.

A wonderfull metaphore a brilliant and scholarly treatise.