It is not hard work to 'boot' five ministers out, a day before the life of a parliament comes to an end. It is technically legal; however, practically regressive (I will leave this argument for another time). Such a job occurs with the stroke of a pen onto a letter to the GG and to do this, one does not have to be smart!

However, one has to be smart to get the support of the five Ministers for the Bill. To this end, the learned PM has failed against the fact that the Ministers have expressed their "concerns" weeks back and, thus he should have rallied his advisers (Does he ever listens to some very experience folks in his administration?) towards getting their allegiance then.

Frankly, he did not read the writings on the wall or they are smarter than him! There could be other very simple reasons.

Perhaps, Dr. Sikua, as a young politician, is yet to understand that "boots" and "time", could be one's friends or foes in politics and one uses them wisely. I think he has used them to the contrary recently that, while the immediate casualty is the bill, including citizens who want to see an end to political party "partying", other casualties will be known after the elections this year.

If we could leave this very simple matter aside for others to jump onto, I would like to briefly mention a related issue to the case which, other commentators have never touch on. This is to do with the MOU that CNURA members signed (it would be good for the public to have a copy although they are not legally obliged to do so) recently.

There are a lot of questions that one could raise:

. Does a political MOU binding on the all the CNURA members?
. Is it binding on political Parties before and after the general elections?
. Will the new Ministers sign onto the MOU now that they are CNURA members, by the fact that they have accepted ministerial portfolios?
. Did the five former ministers relinquish some kind of a legal binding allegiance?
. Is Fred Fono breaching some legal lines in the MOU after he mentioned in the media that he will contest the position for the next PM?

The answer is simple: MOUs have no legal binding nature in law, and thus the above questions are irrelevant. In other words, that MOU which CNURA members signed some time ago, it may be seen as hard work, but certainly not smart, as it has no legal binding force.

Therefore in the absence of a Bill (later ACT) to govern political parties and, the irrelevancy of that MOU to bind CNURA members, the county will be again faced with politicians contesting for control of the next government - the usual business! But one thing is clear: Dr. Sikua will not be the next PM.

It's not that difficult to pick out instances where 'Time' and 'Boots' have made news during the life of some of our past governments - he may like to ask veterans as Mr. Sogavare and Sir. Kemakeza for their experiences.

Hem nomoa.