I think no one will give the above subject a thought in light of what they have just gone through-if you like, the loss against the mighty Waitakere.

But, something is obvious and I for one think it is worth noticing and I want to bring it to everyone's attention- "the spirit of the game."

From what I got from the live coverage, Kossa was unlikely to be over-riden by those "Men in White." They however, got chances with the ball which got the attention of those Waitakere-centered commentators, but then, as it turned out, it would not be "Kossa's Day."

But my congradulation is meant to be given to the boys for the spirit they have shown during the match. I think Solomon football on that day portrayed to the world the virture of professionalism. Little before did we notice "red and yellow card-free games" of a nature equal to that game.

We mustn't deny that sometimes our draems are cut short by how our stars treated games. Some hurt to accept defeat and so resort to brawl thinking that things would turn their way by doing so. But then their actions disgrace the people nation-wide.
I beleive it is time we direct things the right way. Let's learn from Kossa's spirit of play and strife to do soccer the Solomon way.

Congrats Kossa and long live Solomon Soccer.

Harold Maesulia
A Soccer Fan
Brown ST