Traditional staple food fish depletion is causing increased consumption of rice that is linked to increasing cost of rice.

Fish depletion impact is not even being mentioned in news of world grain and food shortages, increased demand and increasing cost of food.

In SI there are dinner plates almost smothered with rice and it is obvious less rice would be served if there was also a chunk of fish on the plate.

Clearly, scientific evidence or not, more rice is being consumed because of depletion of fish and resulting higher cost of fish.

Dr Sikua, surely good governance includes maintaining supply of affordable food for all SI people but the increasing cost of rice and fish is already beyond reach of many. What do you intend to do about this?

Do SIG politicians and bureaucrats have time to discuss SI traditional staple food - fish depletion impact on the SI people and nation, and possible solutions?

If the media is truly free as you say Dr Sikua, when will investigative news reporting take place into impact of traditional staple food fish depletion on SI people and the nation?

I note a whole big crop of SI cassava recently went rotten due to too much rain. Agri pest and rot never happens with staple food supply from the sea.

Dr Sikua and SIG, you have over 500,000 people to feed daily, every day. I think SIG would do well to request real development assistance from the UN, via Australia and Australian Ambassador to the UN, Robert Hill.

Delay in acknowledging fish stock depletion and impact is causing development of a worsening world food crisis.