It is shameful and disgusting that our Parliamentarians are seeking to put their snouts further into the trough at a time of global recession and when their constituents are struggling just to feed themselves.

Our Parliament first needs a thorough clean-up to stop corruption and enforce MPs to adhere to the manifesto they were elected on. No more slush funds to buy votes with - let rural development money be distributed through a trustworthy source until such time as MPs prove themselves trustworthy. And ceertainly do not pay them more or give more of them a chance to wallow in the filth of the current setup until we have swept the sty clean. Do we have a Leadership Commission? Do we have an Ombudsman? Do we have an Auditor? Does anyone have morals or principles any more? Is there anyone with decency left out there who is willing to actually serve the suffering people of Solomon Islands? And you suffering voters - please don't vote for the old sleazebags - find good honest straight-talking MPs to represent you, and don't vote for people just because they pay the school fees come election time.

Solomon Islands forever!