The recently announced `Increased Entitlements for MPs` is a very good example of a real incarnation. Only our saviour Christ was known to have done this. I said this because though this subject had caught the imagination of the population just last year through the public media outlets against it, it had now been truly recsurected. Nothing now that is `lawful?` can be done to stop this happening as it has now been made public by the chairman of PEC. This can only be seen by the public as a mere irresponsible decision made by the said commission to have approved it. The only thing left still in the hands of the public now to counter this decision is their ballot. I urge every eligible Solomon Islands` voters to vote out all of the current MPs come the general election. This might sound radical, however, I believe it is a kind of a mind set we should all have to totally change the status quo. Let`s start afresh. It is not too impossible if we all use our democratic rights wisely.

Though many might argue that some MPs in the current house should not be voted out, I strongly believe that nothing will change much if we continue to have the same brains in the House. Lets have new people and observe what happens. It`s not that difficult to do an experiment for four or eight years to have some results to draw fair conclusions. Infact RCDF has been around for more than twenty years, but the question still remains, `when will it be better administered?

Please Solomon Islanders, just do away with all the current MPs. There are still many capable Solomon Islanders around to run our country for the betterment of us all. Please vote for candidates who will make Solomon Islands take a long forward leap in terms of political, economical, social and religious developments in a short period of time. It`s not impossible now unlike 50 or 20 years ago. Long Live Solomon Islands.