Just go to www.surfsolomon.com and see for yourself all the effort that have been put in place by foreign forces to try and get the message across to others that Solomon Islands can offer to adventurous surfers out there magnificicant uncrowed surf sites to enjoy.

At last the news is getting there. And I'd like to beleive that soon visitors will soon be flooding our country-the beauty of the environment is what I suppose no one will deny of Solomon Islands.

However,are we prepared to be serious tourism wise? I doubt it! I think there is more needed to be done.

What? The government needs to jump in.We need an infrastractuire that is vibrant and effient-tourists need to get to their place of visit in time.We need tar sheilded roads to boust tourism on the interior of our islands.

Airstrips need upgrating.Even our domestic terminal too needs properly upgrade.
The dirtiness of Honiara must not be forgotten. Shipping services as well, they must be improved to a standard where they are claen, fast and efficient.

These are just a few things that the government of the day needs to concentrate on to help these hard working individuals who are offering their time to shout Solomon Islands'name to the world.