Dear Wantoks,

I have been out from our beloved country for almost a decade now. Though far from home and the pride of being a Solomon Islander never diminishes the link that exists within me for a reason I cannot explain, there is a trend of wary and uncomfortable feeling within that will soon downgrade this pride. It's not because of my nation people, rather the one percent sitting in the parliament house who rips the nation's public fund is an alarming trend.

The so called, self-serving amendments and power-play greediness in order to enforce regulations based on constitutions that are not even put to a referendum or at least publicly put to the tax-payers board for visionary debate is highly unconstitutional and unlawful.

The requirements of section 69(3)(b) of the Constitution did not say that PMs have to pass the bill before they quick their office 3 months before end-of-term. A clear sign of greed.

Constitutions are normally passed after years of debate and consultations between different government bodies. It may take one government to the next. Approving these increments without public debate and the fact that it is a controversial issue when it comes to many forms of entitlements and pension benefits has made me like smashing my notebook in front of the retailer's owners.

Oh no! Those little poor ones in the villages who worked on the daily basis to make ends meet have nothing else to say because they know nothing about the bill. Ah ha! They are illiterate too but they can still hear because the election is just around the corner. One good reason where the money could be put to good use.