Dear Editor,

With general election just round the corner, I would say we do not have any more Seats for "free-loaders [17 extra seats]" who would enter the by other means.

Financially, there is no money. Enough of beggings lets set the house in order, pull our heads together (be it you're in opposition or govt). Our Nation is in needs of Servant-Leaders who must put aside personal ambitions, wantoks, relatives, supporters and serve our nation properly. Enough is enough where corruptions robs our people from its rich resources, because of selfishness of leaders who think of themselves.

I am putting forward this challenge to all aspired up coming candidates please stand up to and be elected for the healing of our nation. There are no one political party that has the best solutions to our country's problems. The asnwer lies within every one of you who has the will.