I quote from Judas Gelu, Honiara: agreeing to his article...

Limited to my knowledge, the following funding, services, program or scheme are intended or can be traced to assist the livelihood of the rural dwellers:

(1) Funding for rural livelihood project under the Ministry of Rural Development, (2) Cattle rehabilitation program, (3) Subsidization of shipping services, (4) RCDF Funding, (5) Micro project funding, (6) Ward Grants, (7) Loan guarantee scheme with the CBSI and commercial banks, (8) RAMSI infrastructure funding, (9) RAMSI support to rural services, (10) EU micro project funding, (11) Japanese grass root scheme, (12) Community Services Program by AUSAID, (13) Healthe sector funding by AUSAID and other donor, (14) The millinium Enterprise Challenge fund by AUSAID, (15) NZAID funding on basic education, (16) Other small project funding by Ausaid and Nzaid, (17) Other NGO assistance, (18) Other direct funding by ROC, (19) Other Central Government budget for rural areas in education, health, police, agriculture and other services, (20) Other Central Government budget for capital project in rural areas, (21) Other Provincial Government budgets for services and development in the rural areas, (22) ....... The list goes on.

Where is the end result then????....

It seems as we the rural people are still suffering.

Is it rural development or should it be given a more reflective name?

Give it a name that suits it.