Thank you for publishing this short note in response to MAURICE TORA FROM FIJIAN QUARTERS. I wonder why you still not know and understand how the world and the people are going through life. To tell you my fellow wantok we can be to the standard which you are expecting, like Easter week no drinking alcohol but to worship. As I agree with some of your thoughts. I would like to tell you this, Solomon Islands is a Christian country, yes it is! So let those involved in night clubbing during that holy week do that and let you worship and pray for those lost sons or the well known term "PRODIGAL SONS" that one day they will find Christ in their lives and become some just like you too.

It seems that you expect something which is more than your capability to do. You stand for the right but your suggestion seems contradicting what you stand on that is "CRISTIAN BA". You should encourage those fellows but rather suggesting something totally different. What usually happened during Easter was and is right from the times of Jesus to date.

Hope you can pray for those of the us who usually celebrate Easter with alcohol and night clubbing.

We want to change but the world seem to be holding us back.