It's interesting to see government's move to subsidize shipping services to uneconomical routes. What an advantage to those who dwell along the islands shorelines.

What about those who dwell in the interior of the islands without access to roads?

How long do they still have to carry their market products on their shoulders to transport them to where the ship would then transport them to Honiara?

I think those inland dwellers would still be disadvantage although they too are rural people whom the government use as the luring bait for donors.

While it is good news to hear that the government is subsidizing shipping services to uneconomical routes, it would also be better for the government to engage in building public infrastructures such as roads, bridges etc...especially in remote areas where rural people don't have access to such.

I really positively think that in order for development to be eventually realised in rural areas, constructions of public infrastructure is a priority.

How would you think a farmer in the highlands of Malaita who have no access to roads would transport his or her agricultural products to Honiara??

It's for sure that not all rural people dwell on the shoreline of every islands in the Solomon Islands. Walk through the jungles, into the mountainous interior of the Islands and you will see both the old and the young are still on their FOOT as the only source of transport. For miles they can walk.

Who is responsible? Their MP?, Their Gov't? Who?

Where is the so called rural development.