Thank you editor for allowing me this space to express my concern on this matter.

Holy Week (Easter session) and Night clubbing in the Solomon has been contradicting for the past years and to date, though Holy week should be observed and commemorated.
In history the Holy Week, that is the series of pre-Easter festivities commemorating various events of the final days of Christ's life, probably developed in 4th century in Jerusalem, possibly beginning with St. Cyril of Jerusalem.

Christians from all over the world would take pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and the Church of Jerusalem provided rites and worship dedicated to reenacting the final events of Christ's life. The first account we have of such rites is the diary of the pilgrimage of Egeria to Jerusalem around AD 381. Gradually many of these customs and holy days spread to the wider Christian world today, including the Happy Isles.
It (holy week) - which based explicitly on Scripture is important because it commemorates the events of Christ's final days and passion. This includes the institution of the Eucharist and the crucifixion. Obviously, Christ's institution of the Eucharist and his passion and death are important in many ways, especially in terms of their importance in the reconciliation of God and humanity (the atonement) - that is God and the Solomon Islanders, by reflecting our lives to God.

Solomon Islands as a Christian country always commemorate the holy week and the Easter festivity, but the other festivity always comes up with the Christian festivity. "The night clubbing festivity"- But the country (government) does not both about that other festivity that always comes in with the Easter Festivity.
Does our country Solomon Islands Christian and believe in Easter and Holy week? If it doesn't the country must have these possibilities: Perhaps the country considers Holy Week to be unbiblical (although the whole week is based explicitly on Scripture). The country came out of the "Radical Reformation" got rid of the Church Year, believing it to be a manmade tradition. Another possibility is that it believes Holy Week is outdated and places too much emphasis on sin and guilt.

A final reason may be that the country is not familiar with the rich meaning behind Holy Week. That is why the clubbing festivity always comes into contradiction in the holy week in each year. (I don't think so- and why it is so?). If the country respects those important days, and known it self as a Christian country why not the relevant authority such Honiara City Council, Ministry of Home Affairs and others do not consider this, and made some regulation or decree to this matter to stop the clubbing festivity to occur in the important week. Or it already exists! At least stop clubbing lelebet lo Holy week oketa wantok, every week ia blo iufala na. It is very bad to see such activities going on in the times to remember our lord. I'm not judging others here but I what to know how the relevant authority view this. Is it a matter or not. Or you want the club owners to pay you tax but not understanding the effluents of those Holy Days.