I think the misconception which critics of this book have lies with the title of the book. Many commentators on this topic tend to believe that only those named in the books are the Solomon First women, so to speak. They tend to think that women who have contributed much to this Country but are not named in this book are not the so-called Solomon first women. I agree with those critics if the intention of this book is to create an atmosphere of mental categorization. However, I do not see that this is what this book is all about.

There are lots of unsung heroines who have done a lot for this country. To put all of them in one book would be a little impracticable. I believe the main reasons why many of our unsung heroines might not be in this book is because shortage or lack of enough information about them. I do not mean they do not have it. Maybe writers or co-writer of this book just do not have access to them in time.

Let's not focus on the title of the book but appreciate the works of the women who are named in the book and those who are not. Books can be written in volumes or parts so there are no big deal as those who are missed out can be included the next volume or part. Most importantly to those who have put much effort by educating the country about our women's contribution to this nation through the book. Hope to see Solomons' first women volume 2 or part 2 or rather a different title of the same kind.