While economic development may be of some benefits to the Country I do not believe that it is a solution to the problems we are facing in the Solomons and elsewhere in the Pacific Countries.

So while people are discussing providing transportation to uneconomical routes in the remote parts of Solomons I see this will only increase markets to foreign goods to the local people and very little products going out of the islands into Honiara and into the world markets. Firstly, due to out production rates are very small as well we do not have enough to supply outside in terms of surplus. What I can only see is that diabetes, STIs, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases would increase dramatically on a scale that has not been experienced in the Country.

This is just a fraction of the problems you can think of, social problems, increase movement of unemployed youths would be another and the list can go on.

I hope I am not so pessimistic but everything has two parts to it.