Dear Sir

I very much agree with Chief Lulei's idea for opting for a federal system.

I am an ex-patriate from the days when the Solomons was a British Protectorate so I knew the people who designed the present system, that being based mostly on the Westminster system.

The westminster system is excellent for the bureaucrats but useless for any one else simply becauce it is too centralised.

The Solomons (correct me if I am wrong) has many different cultures and languages. So it would make more sense to to have regional state governments to decide what is best for that reageon that they know best.

Furthermore the finances and development would be kept in the regional areas and prevent a lot of tribal squables that were totally unnecessary.

Eg. If there were more job and career prospects in the provinces, people would not wish nor need to go to Honiara.

Yours Faithfully

Paul Drake