Dear Editor,

Please allow me space to contribute to the topic in regards to solomons' first women. I will be very frank.

'Isabel' as a community and people is in the 'first' in many things in this country. However, rarely, this is acknowledged.

Nevertheless, for this matter I will say, firstly, Lily Poznanski showcases the achievement of many women in the Solomon Islands. No woman in the national context could ever be the first in the context of Politics, Law, Society, Church, and Academia than this "soft spoken", "rebel" amongst men person. What this really means is that a lot of men and women in this country admires and holds dear to heart the examples set by Late Lily.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of the women that worked in this new book, she is not honoured with a chapter. She was only deserved 'mentions' in various chapters.

People of Solomon Islands our culture had taught us that; History, points to the future, deleting her story from a chapter in an important book is an attempt to kill this knowledge away from future generation. Thus, downplay her achievements for this country in the process, and maybe 'put-up', self praised individual endeavours. However, we are rest assured that for what ever reason stated we will never forget Late Lily as the first in many ways. "Sore nao samfala lo ufala kam bihaen."

Nevertheless, I therefore, call on the leaders of Isabel province to start work on a book dedicated to her and other Isabel servants as well. My advice for now is that, Solomon women, we must unite in our focus to build an enabling environment for better integration and positive contribution to development for this country.
We should not alienate achievements to push in a different dimension to historical facts. Specifically, in our literature.

Forward Onwards.