I wish to congradulate Mr. Julian Maka'a to be selected to represent Solomon Islands to the USA on how US handles crises situation whether natural or artificial. It is a bonus I am sure of a personal level as well as professionally.

On reflection, US seems to be having a lot of problems on an international level on a scale that has never been seen before. This could be due to the change in her external relationships in promoting her so-called world peace and democracy.

I think in terms of human affairs one should not impose his ideal and behaviour on another person. That is, I see where the US has failed terribly and had suffered alot as a result. US economically is on a downward spiral due to her undemocratic methods of imposing her authorities on many other poor countries in the world.

I envisage that this would be one of the greatest lessons learnt. But since the US is a very nationalistic Country she wil never admit this.

But on the whole learn as much as you can Julian-the creative writer.