Dear Editor,

I would be grateful if you could publish my letter to the editor.

Can someone release the names of Parliament MPs that plan to boycott the proposed sitting of parliament this year, if funds are not released to them prior to meeting.

This is a classic fundraising for election Champaign.

Can we have their names; so we can wash our hands and also boycott them when they come around to campaign for re-election in the various constituencies?

Even through Solomon Islands is on the brink of yet another civil unrest; through the lack of employment opportunities, poor education and health infrastructure, increase in criminal activities, mismanagement of Government finances that are beyond control, very shameful and poor public service and servants and a total lack of development in the provinces; our members of Parliament want to milk dry any remaining Government funds.

Can those MPS under investigations relating to misappropriation of funds under the Auditor General's report, also be suspended on accessing, if anything is left, Government funds until their names are cleared.

Iumi mus tingting gud nao and tri fo electim oketa pipol wea bae tru, faithful and willing fo lukim change lo lif blo pipol.