I would like to commend the Solomon Islands Government in particular the National Training Unit (NTU) in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development for its tireless effort in ensuring our welfare abroad. While we acknowledge the hiccups and difficulties facing the NTU at the moment with the substantial increase of scholarship winners this year, 2010 as a child we will always cry to our father which in this case the Solomon Islands Government (sponsor). The statements we make may be annoying at times but that is how we can express our plight so that we can be given prompt attention.

Now with the partial payment made to the SIG sponsored students at Laucala Campus, Fiji I hope it will release some pressures and put some students at ease. The only need now is for the Solomon Islands Government to settle all the students allowance as soon as possible- the sooner the better as we are now into the third week of the first semester. Once again thank you Solomon Islands Government for the partial payment to our allowances.

May God Bless Solomon Islands now and forever.