I would be grateful if you can spare me some space in your paper to express my concern with relation to the above heading.

I sympathize with Students who are striped off their future earning by National Training units. Particularly to students try their best to obtain qualification by the end of studies and becomes leader of our nation. But come short of glory when they received their termination letter from the responsible authority. It is a great loss our beloved nation in terms of human resources. I can feel it as I experience similar situation but vary. When I put myself in this situation it is uncomprehending to believe that parent can do much to stand against such biased decision, especially student's families who struggle for survival.

I understand, some of the students that their names in the termination list are seen flown back to Fiji. I did not know what sorts of policy and system are put in place to monitor students' flopped units. This is a pure unfair decision that I ever heard on this planet. What a waste of money? I think you should reinstate all terminated students because some decisions are unfair.

To my fellow country men who were terminated. This is not the end of the world, we must never look back but lets keep our head up and look for other ways to utilize our given knowledge, skills, talent and prove them wrong. As saying goes and I quotes, "If you want to walk, you may walk, If want to crawl, you may crawl and if want to run, you may run but still you can reach your destination." God bless NTU