Dear editor,

Please allow me to express my concern regarding the above heading. I know that this issue arise every year, but I want to raise it because I witness one incident that cannot hold my patience. A first year student had been shaking in his room because he had not eaten for almost two days. When he was asked if he had any pocket money, he said no. His parents are poor, and coming to Fiji, he said that everything will be sorted out as soon as he arrived. Now this had been two weeks. The question here is the government has any initiative in assisting such students when they delay the allowance, or are they waiting for worst cases?

Most have been criticizing the establishment of the education attaché last year, and it was true. Since that office was established, return flights had been confused, and some students had even stayed long before going back home. Now the education attaché cannot also help in such situation. This sad incident is only one example of many other similar stories going around Solomon Islands students. How can one be able to cope with studies when there are no study tools, and an empty stomach? It is common to hear the ministry after students received their allowance saying "no complain, allowance come now" forgetting the catch up in reading the text books and note taking. The Permanent Secretary and the minister should do something to help the stranded and stress students rather than making vague judgment. Let's only hope this sad situation will be solved as quickly as possible.