To simply standup and admit guilt by telling the truth is tough until someone is divinely inspired or paid to do so.

In the DPP-SASAKO war of words, people have oppossing arguements and feelings toward the two men. Exposing hidden descrepancies in this case is another while pursuing justice for the aggrieved family is yet another issue.

I suggest those who want justice for the aggrieved family to sign a petition demanding a who new independent investigation into the matter so that justice prevails.

While Sasako must be acknowledged for the exposure, nothing more can be done if there's no pressure from people wanting justice to prevail. It is a waste of time and energy to confine debate on this issue in the press and online sites where only few members of the SI population have access to. It's time to rise up and act the too much totoks that were echoed earlier.

Leana Hola