I refer to Katie Fono's article inrespect to the above subject.

Let me remind you that if you claim Mr. Sasako's story contains elements of truth then please encourage him to follow and go through the proper channel and pursue 'justice', since you are also in Brisbane. Appeal the court's decision /or have the case re-tried, give the evidence you claimed to be credible to help the court come up with a just and fair decision you want.

What did Mr. Sasako achieve by going to the media? I can only say that Mr. Sasako has his own 'motives/benefits' -apart from wanting to see justice done, because pursuing justice through the court system has established procedures to follow, which I believe Mr. Sasako knew very well- and not criticizing the lawyers, Police Investigator or DPP in the media. He trashes his professionalism instead of gaining honour.

Let me remind you that to say "Live by Lie" is not a conclusion you should make now. May I put these questions forward for your reflection! Who is lying? The lawyers? or the judges? or the police investigator? the DPP? And how to you know that they are lying? Did the relatives of the victim denied justice? - The Edward matter was not quashed; an accused was convicted.

Let me remind you again not to make conclusions from what you or Mr. Sasako claims as the truth, because your side of the story is not yet and of course need to be tested against the other side's story. No-one, not even Mr. Sasako, is in any-way, in a position to decide the truth or otherwise in this matter -that is the court's fundamental task- the very judges and lawyers whom you assumed to have professed lies. They do not apply secular wisdom, but they operate on ethical or biblical (if you want) principles that have been developed for over a centuries.

So please stop drawing harsh conclusions.