Dear Editor,

I tend to believe that there is still some element of truth that needs to be revealed about the Ms Edward saga. If that is what Sasako is doing, then may I urge him to continue in his professionalism by getting the truth out through real journalism!.

This is the kind of journalism we need. If the courts or justice system(ie police, prosecutors,detectives, forensics etc) have denied the victims(relatives of the deceased, spouse, etc) of the truth then as true christians we shouldnt be bound by our secular wisdom but bring about our ethical principles in whatever work we do.

Lets not live a lie. If we profess to be a christian whether a lawyer, judge, journalist, police or ordinary lay-men etc, be encouraged to speak the truth. As the saying goes, only the truth will set you free. If this matter has been quashed in court, i bet those involved with the decision to do so and those who got off scott-free will be troubled in spirit to the end. If not then let us see that truth will prevail in the end.