Dear Editor,

It is interesting that the PM highlights that solomon Islands must receive more benefit from Tuna harvesting, which exceeds SBD$29 billion annually.

Firstly, Tuna is not the only potential sources of generating revenue for the country, thus sustainable harvesting must be considered. As such do not put more pressure on the Tuna industry for revenue collection.

Evidently, the tuna stocks will reduce in the near future if less consideration are taken by this present generation.

This will pose security threats in terms of marine ecology or food chain, or even worse affect the survival of our future generation.

Threats can be in the areas of economics or the subsistence level of the society as we depend on marine resources for our daily survival and not from the Government.

This is not to deny the survices from the Government but to remind the current political leaders to be aware of the potential dangers that their decision can create.

Just a thought.