One of the problems with modern education systems is that we are taught to be dependent on each other.

We are taught not to be self-sufficient and independent-in the sense that we become so specialise in providing one product or the same service that we leave the production of food and food crops to farmers alone.

The number of farmers become less and less as a result of the mentality that farming is a second class type of work that should only left to those that are not so 'brainy'. The shortage of world food supply is a direct result of this mentality promoted by the education system.

The other contributing factor is that of war. People have learnt so many times that war does not solve any problems at all, infact it multiplies it. Yet in the Solomons we have fought each other and now there people who are asking and waiting for the government to pay them for all these so called claims.

I am also of the opinion that there are business people who are taking advantage of the world food shortage and have increased their prices just for the sake of making more profit. I had observed in the past that the shops in China Town would increase prices whenever there are lots of customers and would reduces prices when customers were low.

I usually wonder when talking about food shortage some countries are throwing food away because they don't have enough people to eat them. But may be because those countries work hard producing food while others are hard at work killing each other with the added bonus that they spend time for food production has been used elsewhere.

Thank you.