At last, the DPP came out and responded to the indictments advocated by Mr. Sasako. Whether the position of the DPP is welcome or not is up to each individual to decide. Just like Tiger Wood's 'contested' apology'. People receive it with mix reactions. Mr. Sasako said that his findings were based on some 6 months research and does not want to disclose his sources. This is due to 'ethics and principles' of journalism.
Can I now ask Mr. Sasako to refer the matter to the Ombudsman's Office? This integrity government agency is the 'Watch-dog' of all Gov't Ministries & Departments. Or...has there been much commitment on the case by the DPP himself? I guess, if he is too busy, let someone else do the job, to allow him attend to his rice farming, look after the S.I Netball federation, and meditate well for England's fate in the coming FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa. I guess he is 'too long na' at the DPP Office. For Mr. AS, thanks for bringing the issue into light but a reminder to all journalists....don't be too poignant on any issues you want to cover, they may derail your judgement. It is unfortunate that a precious life has been lost.