Dear Editor,

Sasako's uprooting and publicising of the issue was an indeed a thumbs up for a freelance journo like him. I also commend him for a job well done.

However, for the sake of a fair understanding of the issues involved and the position of the DPP, I think it is only fair that we as readers, take into account both sides of the story. The DPP has also released its side of the story and to make a rational judgment on the matter by us ordinary citizens of Solomon Islands we need to take into account those facts presented by th DPP as well.

The danger is that if we do not take into account the case of DPP in the case we will be misinformed and hence may be led to make misjudged conclusions of the matter. Because we as members of the public may have our own expectations but the DPP also has its own procedure and systems to abide to, just as the court do.

So, Sasako has done his part by publicising the matter, now the responsibility is on us to make a fair judgment of is and hence our justice system for our own ignorance can also be our worst enemy.