May you kindly spare me a space to jot down my comments on the above very sensitive issue. At times the nature of the human being is we usually want to prosecute those people who commits a mistake more so when we are the relative of a victim. By reading the findings of Mr. Sasako and the response from the DPP it is more likely a matter of evidence. The likely problem here is the police prosecutors are investigating the case and not Mr. Sasako. When they submit their findings and suggestions to the DPP there may not have been enough evidence to put behind bars Mrs Carol Edwards.

In every organisations there are policies and process that are always followed, these standard process are the guidelines that are usually followed in carrying out ones task. Now here I see the case has been squashed since the reasonable decision the DPP made during that time is there is not enough evidence found.

Now putting myself in the shoes of someone close to the victim I really want justice but then my common sense also tell me that I was not there during that time to provide enough evidence hence the case was ruled out.