The scenario of logging in Solomon Islands is still a debate, in terms of logging activities as a major earner to our economy. In that context, I think logging activities is still a fundamental to the economic growth of our country. It is always seen as one main pillar of our economic growth since we gained sovereignty.

To date, as far as I know, logging activities in many provinces comes with replanting phases, thus I do not beleive that the depletion of trees is the cause of low revenue. The major problem facing us is that some corrupt people are taking away the duties on logs being exported (duty remission), either through excemption or pure crook.

While many are attempting major replanting projects, they are often handicapped because of less assistance and improper utilisation of these taxes gained from logs being exported.

Some blame the national leaders who benefit from them..i`m tired of seeing the same people who become hundredth thousandnaires overnight in the Western Province.....I hope their punishment awaits them......