Thanks editor for allowing this space.

Marist performance in this O- league was very poor as we can see by evidence they didn't even win a single match. I heard Solomon Islands were a Soccer loving nation but the result doesn't reflect the truth. Now maybe the standard of soccer in the country was a bit down, but looking back to the previous seasons KOSSA FC they manage to reach the final and KOLOALE FC also reach the final.

As I could remember, the first O-league rep for Solomon Islands was Marist FC and they did the same thing like now. I don't think Marist FC will win any game in the remaining matches. What's wrong with you Marist FC? SIFF should look closely at this issue as this is the second time Marist did this. May be SIFF should put a new principle that if you represent the country in the O-league and don't win any game you are not eligible to compete to represent the country in the next O-league season.

Just go back train hard and more to reach the required standard because you are too far from the standard whatsoever. SIFF can make any principles if they wish like other premier leagues. For instance the English premier league has its own principle apart from FIFA.

Finally, thumbs up to KOSSA FC and KOLOALE FC for making the history for the beloved nation of Solomon Islands. Those teams like that was really needed to represent the country in the O-league, they are well discipline and have the potential.