It is interesting to read the views of Makirans and other Solomon Islands citizens sharing their ideas on this project, either for or against.

As a Makiran, just return from a long walk from Kirakira east about, I fully support the initiative to improve the roads. Those roads that are supposed be used by vehicles, are now used as bush tracks. Just beacuse of the deteriorating conditions of the roads.Nomata truck go lo there u hard for lukim na..bae hem olsem grass bird naia.

Just like others, the initiative is a good one (100%)tick. The implementation part of it is another story. I have read that filling of potholes and basic road maintenance and clearing vegetation will be done by rural people. A good idea beacuse that project will pay for their sweat. What about the potholes right now in the eyes of the Kirakira/Makira Authority. Simple and basic job to do, but no body take the initiative to fill them up. Why??? NOMOA SELENI..will be an ansa. Now that the project is coming, people will be willing, of course more than willing to fill the potholes as there will be money to fill their pockets. (mi like too).

My question is when the projects finishes. Agains, we will still see the potholes resurfacing. Will these people voluntarily fill the potholes and clear the road sides? I do not think so.

I have seen a simiolar kind of approach in Malaita Province. There was a CSP road project in Malaita last year 2009. The roads are zoned into different zones and each zone is responsible for maintenance of the allocated part of the road. The funds are paid into the communities for the labour provided. A good amount of money was allocated to each zone for the job done. The question is will Solomon Islands Government or Malaita Province afford the same project since CSP finished last year?

I believe the same question goes to Makira Ulawa Province since that project is taking the similar approach.

I will leave it here and thank you others for your comments.