I just want to comment on the above issue which is very important from my point of view. "Most students claim inconsistencies in selection for scholarship awards".

This year's selection of scholarship has left many students with anger and sorrow. It is their right to do whatever they want in a lawful manner. Corruption is one the elements that disabled Solomon Islands for a long time and it is still happening today. I don't know who will be going to change Solomon Islands for a better place, maybe the generation is still to come. But for this generation I'm really sorry for Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands will remain as it is if this is not addressed at this stage. I could say here, this practice is already in the blood of many Solomon Islanders today especially our leaders who are there in the positions of work. I just put this question across the floor for you as a Solomon Islander how will you able to get rid of this disastrous practice so called "corruption".

This year it took longer for MEHRD to release the list compared to previous years. May be they want to make some adjustments to the list and left out many student without scholarship? Who knows!!! Enough of wantok business. Be fare to all because at the end of the day we were all Solomon Islanders and we meant to serve our country.

No offence here and I hope this will not happen anymore, anytime in the future.
Thank you and May God bless Solomon Islands and its people as it is already stated in our national anthem. PEACE!