While appreciating the hard work and effort put forth by our SI women into the creation of the so-called "Women's Party", there is far more work to be done. I hardly heard of any parallel women's' party existence world wide, or null to put it plain and clear.

Isn't it the frustration of our male dominant system that leads to this creation? Or is it merely a short cut in lobbying for recognition without staging a fight. Politic means fighting the odd ideals in main stream political and functional infrastructures. This means, "INTEGRATION" and be part of the political fight in any form it may appear.

Party creation based on gender-wise formation will bear no happy-ending for our women. A mockery to their political status as this is the mentality often engraved in our cultural norms of doing things.

After all, I appreciate this initiative and hope that your fight will be directed to the male system in the near future and establish an integrable party into our common system effectively without stoning yourself of anger and frustration on the sideline.