Thank you for allowing me a little space in your editor's column to
publish this 'own-reflection' article in reference to the above.
Honestly, I could not hold back my emotions after learning through the
media that our 'Learn & Play Team' that took part in the recent
Vanuatu's Inaugural TVL Junior Wantok Cup soccer tournament had been
victorious. Good on you coach and the boys for a job well done. You
did us pride on your achievement. Indeed, this group of young talents
has caught the imaginations of many, (me included) through the
display of their raw talents in previous local competitions. Though, I
would not draw early conclusions as yet to the success of this
program, it is my humble belief that this is just the beginning of
more to come and a way forward for our country in terms of soccer
development. In order for us to win tournaments, (regional or
international) that we dreamed only for over the past years, we have
to pull our resources-(untapped soccer talents) throughout our country
in a well-coordinated system as the 'Learn & Play' program and train
them at an early stage. This will help them grow mentally, physically
as well as spiritually to withstand the pressures that this game of
soccer accompanies. I'm proud to have contributed mentally to some of
these players while at home. Responsible soccer authorities in our
beloved nation should continue to develop such program and not to rely
on sponsorships only as in the case of 'Learn & Play' program. Design
programs that run parallel with existing establishments or create new
ones that are cost effective and produce results. Truly one is not
paid to play this beautiful game (soccer) in our nation but through
sheer love for it. That is one example of an existing establishment
fact to draw on.
Blame my emotions to have driven me further from the crux here,
however, I leave it to our responsible football authorities to ponder.
Again, to my colleague Christopher Asipara, (Head coach), players and
officials in the tournament, a big thumps-up to you for a great job
well-done. A first New Year Silverware for Solomon Islands in Football
indeed. Who will be the next?

Isaac Kirisadudu
Hokkaido, Jp.