The dilemmas surrounding the logging industry and circumstances of the recent undertakings are not new. May be charging a group people in the process may be one way as Pedical has suggested. However, it is also good to reason out why different stakeholders especially resource owners decided to engage in such undertakings. The answer would have been 'money' but do resource owners really need money and why?

On the other hand why is it that resource owners dwell on logging than other money generating operations? The point is, who is to blame for such undertakings considering the logging industry contributes to the governments revenue; the landowners who strive for income to meet their financial obligations and investors who want their share.

It is almost difficult to point fingers to any one group despite having well fromulated regulations and laws(especially to protect endemic species of flora and fauna). I pressune, until Solomon Islands diversify its economic developments into new undertakings we will continue to blame poor resource onwers who strive to have their ends meet finacially(wheher benefial or not). So the question to answer now is what alternatives do those who engage in logging operations have for them and what strategies can they be advised on to do away with logging operations. The answer could be when Solomon Islands have a government that truely reflects the 'true' meaning of democracy(government of the people and for the people). And the up coming elections is a time to have that tested again for another term.