Right now forget scientific evidence about dolphin numbers and instead be honest and reasonable and fully consider reality.

I have just corresponded with the might of the Australian Government Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization that has no scientific evidence about a near shore coastal current and eddy spewing Australian pollution into the Coral Sea and SI water ecosystem.

Apart from toxic waste the nutrient pollution being transported is feeding algae that is smothering and destroying sea grass nursery habitat. It is sea grass that produces food web pilchard, herring and anchovy baitfish that are food for dolphin, whales, tuna, seabirds, penguins. Do not forget baitfishes are also food for Pacific Island people.

There should be an institute for humanity as well as the environment. People at the bottom of the economy that depend on food from the sea like dolphin should also be considered.

Dolphin greenies need to be honest and decent and reasonable about their considerations. Humans are very much involved in this world, not just animals.

The SI nation and people have virtually no money to buy food, neither do the dolphin. There is a crisis underwater. Fish are severely and generally depleted worldwide. Let's hope Dubai interests can feed the SI exported dolphin well and care for them as friends.

Let's hope Dubai can help SI much more by helping to understand ocean degradation solutions. Maybe SI dolphin can be environment ambassadors for SI people.

Worldwide people are beginning to understand. Threatening SI tuna exports over a few dolphins needs some careful consideration.

Scientific evidence or not, dolphin can starve and probably are already starving in the wild. Dolphins are probably dropping their young like whales are abandoning their calves due to starvation linked to currents and sea grass destruction.

There has been mass starvation of seabirds. Where have all the seabirds gone?

Journalists and environment representatives could press answers from the Australian CSIRO as to why coastal current known to transport sand and build sand islands is not known biologically, especially concerning nutrient pollution killing sea grass and Coral Sea environment.

Why is fish resource devastation real cause and impact on island people and dolphin apparently ignored?