I salute you Mr. investigative journalist for the job well done in uncovering the half truths with regards to the untimely death of that very innocent young man due to negligence of the said culprits. I believe you are digging up some very bad smelling rotten apples within our DPP office. If people are being agitated or becoming restless and furious with your findings, probably you are stepping on their toes. You are doing a great job well done. And know that there are many of us who are following your current investigative report silently from afar. In addition, since you have been challenged by the DPP officer to either shut up or ship out, may I encourage you to take up the challenge and unveil all that is being swept under the carpet. You are doing great on your current investigations and looking forward to read more from your work. Thumbs Up to You Mr. Sasako.