The Police has done a good job. It is a normal and routine operation. But when will these type of raids lasts? The increasing existence in the number of illegal beer outlets in well-known and notable parts of Honiara is becoming very obvious. It is a growing industry. More emphasis is required to curb the growth of illegal beer outlets, not to mention the prevalence of Kwaso manufacturing which has caused the increased habit of group drinking under trees and corners in some parts of the smaller surburbs in Honiara. Severe penalties for offenders is needed to discouraged illegal business activities.

Further to that, legislative reviews in some of our laws, more education to the public to attract community support plus logistic and financial support to the police to carry out their very important duties, are some pivotal issues that should be considered. It is difficult to ascertain the financial aspects of these illegal beer outlets, but some speculators noted that an illegal beer blackmarket raise 'revenue' greater than ten hawker shops. No wonder, why some illegal beer sellers continued despite numerous arrests and fines. The lucrativeness of this business has blinded the moral business standing of some potential entrpreneurs. The law should not be lenient with these illegal activities. There is no goodness in them despite their very fast income nature.